• oivind breen

The process. How to create an international brand?

Breen.as is a network-based agency located in Oslo, and chose Urgent.Agency in Copenhagen as partner to design the artwork. From left: Emilie Holm Sandholt, Osvald Landmark, Mads Christian Sandholm/Urgent.Agency, Knut Harald Marius Holst-Hansen/CEO, Arctic Travel Company and Øivind Breen/Breen.as

Arctic Travel Company select Breen.as to develop their brand identity A new, premium quality challenger in the growing market for experience tourism is initiated by the Norwegian private equity investor Longship AS. With the experienced CEO Knut Harald Marius Holst-Hansen and business-address in the arctic capital of Tromsø, it is set up to acquire and develop the potential of interesting, existing businesses, to introduce new possibilities and to dramatically improve the customer journey to make arctic traveling an even greater experience.

«In the strategic process with Breen.as we agreed on a simple ambition for the brand; to be a world leading portal for arctic tourism. We believe in this clarity and our ambition provide direction for years ahead - both in developing the actual experiences and the online possibilities.» Knut Harald Marius Holst-Hansen, CEO, The Arctic Travel Company AS

"Guiding and giving direction to the designers at Urgent.Agency, the brief included some visual references and moods, but more important: Four inspiring communication concepts.

"As a part of the strategic process, we developed visual stimuli, like these print-ad-ideas shown beneath. In that way we show the strategic consequences and improve the design-brief. Around 10-12 ideas like these speed up the process and make it less of a words-game." Øivind Breen, Breen.as

"Swimsuit is optional. Swimming too. We Nordics might be of Viking blood, but it is not usual to go swimming in iced water. Still some do. If you like to have a taste of arctic madness, we will help..."

"...So beautiful you have to pinch yourself? It´s bookable..."

"To create a brand both for the comfort-seeking traveller and the adventures kind..we needed to stimulate both parts of the brain to discuss and understand the differences", says Øivind Breen.

Communication is a central part of our branding process - including how it will influence the overall user experience both in the digital and physical reality. Therefore we develop concepts during the process

Breen.as is a proud contributor to the process of naming the brand Arctic Travel Company, developing the fundamental brand- and a basic communication-strategy. Our way of working is focused and operational, to speed up the process, waste less resources and to combine the substantial parts with the visionary ideas. In close cooperation with the ATC management we produce a brand story; clear mission, ambition, values, cultural direction, customer-pespective.... Together with our design-partner Urgent.Agency we develop brand-visuals that will do the job and look amazing at the same time.

The logo symbol of Arctic Travel Company combine inspiration from the compass-rose, the north star and the fantastic aurora boralis, the northern lights. The typography is powerful and visible and the complete logo represents the identity we want to establish: Young and experienced, safe and adventourous.

"I have compared the potential of our star with the Nike swoosh :-)" Øivind Breen

Breen.as 4 basics for an effective process

1. CEO and top management is dedicated and view the work as fundamentally important 2. Management is focused on the big picture and not on every little detail 3. Enough time is allocated in the company to do workshops and to make quick decisions - and this has priority. The objective is to keep the energy and shorten the process-time-consumption (and the use of other resources too). 4. Our creative execution is not looking in "all directions", but developing from a clear brief with a solid and well defined brand-identity/strategy

The Breen.as process is more effective and energetic. Less people involved from the agency/agencies. More stuff developed together with the client. Reduced time-line. Less resources spent. Top quality and added value from all people involved. Our process is not only for international brands like Arctic Travel Company, but is perfect for projects, products, services and sub-brands of any character.

Breen.as - oivind@breen.as - besøksadresse Karl Johans gate 25, Oslo