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"Love in the time of corona" - the strategic approach

I adore the irony in the old Diesel ads. And the relevance to this blog should be obvious, but I explain anyway: To become lovable is not a question of make up or settle for a visual revitalization... it is not enough to say love and not even enough to say it and look beautiful.

It is about strategy.

Not an ordinary love story, not even an extraordinary story like Marquez wrote in the Time of Cholera, but love in business, love as the foundation for strategic thinking.

What are you going to do when life gets back, when the wheels start rolling again.

Will you trust your old ideas and a hope that the world will return to the way it was in 2019?

Seen from sailors perspective there is not a storm going on, it is no wind at all. Not a breath of it? The worst. We do not know for how long, and in these times you need to know what to do, how to drift with a continued course, build trust and create belief. But you must include the next scenario. What will you come out of this to become?

Hard times reveal character.

We experience greed. We recognize heros. We see those concerned with themselves and themselves only. We never see those who suffer in silence.

These days should be about love, passion and clarity. In the world and even in my business; strategic thinking.

It is not enough to say love, you must do love

A basic strategy is about setting goals, giving direction and mobilizing emotions like commitment, enthusiasm, energy, responsibility. It is about understanding yourself in the relation with those you live by, off and with - to truly define and acknowledge what you deliver and live to deliver. What is your role in this relationship? What do you bring into it?

But it is not enough to say love. You must do love. It is not enough to say sustainability. It is not enough to say corporate social responsibility. It is not enough to say that your customers are at the core of your culture and fuel of your engine or the pulse that makes your heart tick. Nice words are nothing but words.

My proposition

is that the basics for any strategy has to define why you deserve to exist and what you are passionate to deliver. Your services, content or products are parts of someones value-chain, either it is physical, a service or an experience - either it is basic in life, a spare part or a luxury good.

Dedication, clarity and commitment are basics for strategy and for love.

Use these days to become loveable

The approach I use in the beginning of a process taking you to the point of defining what makes you lovable is a simple, but basic question: Either you have a mission to change something in the world, to make a difference - or you are a supplier to someone with that purpose. Who are you? Why are you? How will you deliver that reason why? You have to define your role in a value-chain and you have to define that value-chain. What is your perspective on the world, life, the market and your position in it? To become lovable you need a vision, mission - a clear idea.

You will not get away with bullshit or negotiated nothingness. We need to stand out and be clear - we shall not be in the sea of sameness, where the only way to separate is by price.

My mission in Breen.as is to unleash the energy and potential of my clients by helping to clarify and define reasons why, ambitions and consequences for culture and strategic initiatives.

Harvard writes about Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy. INSEAD teaches The Wise Power of Utopian Thinking.

Of course we need rescue-operations,

we need to put out fires, we need to survive. But you need to use these days to think forward, prepare to come out as a better version of yourself, do the stuff that may make you interesting and loveable.

Love is the connection between you and your surroundings. Between the organization and all the stakeholders, included the most imprtant ones; your market.

The Breen.as approach is done in 49 hours

The old processes are made by dinosaurs for dinosaurs.

StrategySprint is a Breen.as concept. Your management group or the project group responsible meet up with breen.as at 1600h in a hotel along the seaside, in the woods or in the mountains. And we stay there for 49 hours - getting the job done. Reinvent. Recharge.

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